Our values

Our corporate values are the basis for what we do and think. They are the essence of what brings us together today and tomorrow.
Schelkovo Biocombinat does business based on the shared values. Our key success factors are responsibility, leadership, efficiency, cooperation and development. These concepts define our interaction with customers, partners and each other on a daily basis.

Responsibility defines our activities:

• Responsibility defines our attitude towards the state, customers, employees and suppliers. 
• Responsibility makes us act in the best interests of the engaged parties.
• Responsibility defines decisions that we make together.
• We are open to changes and bear responsibility for our developments and implemented changes.
• Collaboration is the basis of any partnership:
• Collaboration implies mutual respect and understanding.
• Collaboration creates an atmosphere of respect, fairness and recognition.
• Collaboration requires open and honest communication.
• We strive to trust each other and establish open relations. 

Leadership makes our success possible:

• Leadership is about showing a good example to others.
• Leadership is about paying attention to people and achieving the best results.
• Leadership helps to inspire and motivate others.
• We value our achievements – yesterday, today and tomorrow.
• Any conflict can be solved in a constructive way.

Efficiency is about:

• Rational usage of resources.
• Choosing the most promising and profitable areas of business.
• Strong performance and simple solutions. 
• Optimal costs and time lines not affecting quality and efficiency.
• Supporting effective solutions.
• Consistent and responsible achievement of the set targets.
• Collaboration for finding the best solutions.

Sustainable development:

• Сombines short-term results with long-term prospects.
• Makes us easily  adjust to new trends and requirements of the market
• Won’t allow you to rest on your laurels.
• Helps to find new opportunities and take justified risks.
• Make us open to new ideas
• Make us strive for new knowledge
• Help our employees to develop professionally and personally.